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So sorry

I want to get on and blog for you all but i keep forgetting to. I have just been soooo busy lately, and im sooooo sorry for that. I should have some reviews up soon, I PROMISE. :)


So i realized its almost the end of March and i still have 2 things left to review from February’s Ipsy bag. :P Sorry bout that, ive been so busy.. :(

Got some new stuff today. :) got some more of my favorite razors, some new shampoo and conditioner, and some new deo!

New hair color everyone! My hair is now pink! The hair dye i used was Special Effects Atomic Pink! The dye worked amazing, it stained my skin, but that’s okay. There’s no fumes, which is good since i have birds, and the color is gorgeous. 5 stars!

February 2014 Ipsy Bag item #3: Zoya Nail Polish and my shade was Odette. Now im gonna just say 5 STARS. This was a wonderful shade, it was very creamy, wasnt thick, applied nicely and dried quickly. Overall, great product and will gladly buy more.
February 2014 Ipsy Bag Item #2: Pop Beauty Plump Pout Mini in the shade Peony Petal.  Ok so 5 stars. Omg. Im in love with this. The color is amazing. It’s not sticky and it feels really nice on my lips. It makes my lips feel smooth, and the container is so cute.
Okay so i was testing out my colors today and these were the results. Basically what i did was i took 3 paint brushes, and i bleached them. After about 10-20 minutes i washed them then let them dry. after all that i dunk them in the dye, and waited about 20-25 minutes. The colors i have are Napalm (orange) by Special Effects, Purple by Punky Colours, and Atomic Pink by Special Effects. The one i liked the most was probably pink, and the one i liked the least was probably purple. The Purple hair dye was not as vibrant as i hoped and the dye barely stuck. But it smells like grapes, so ill give it 4 stars. The pink and orange were very vibrant, beautiful colors, but they stained my fingers as i was washing them. Thankfully i was able to get the dye off with a little rubbing alcohol. 4 stars for those two dyes as well. Overall, worth the purchase.
(Sorry for the extreme cleavage) For the eyeshadow i used white all of my eye and the eyeshadow was by NYX, and then i used blue an made it fade from white to blue, and the blue was from an L.A. Colors palette. The eyeliner was by Italia Eyeliners (dont remember the correct shade name)  Then for the mascara i used my cover girl all in one mascara, and then for my lips i used my Baby lips in the shade pink punch. And then at last is my blush (which you can’t really see that well) and its called Be matte blush by city color.

Before and after. I cut and bleached my hair. Will be bleaching again then dying it pink. Y’all ready?

Late upload: Valentines day. For the lipstick i was using L.A. Colors and i don’t remember what the shade was.. But anyways for the eyeliner i was using one of my italia eyeliners. The. I used some pink eyeshadow from my ulta beauty box. For the mascara i use my cover girl all in one and or the brush i used my city color be matte blush and i think the shade is called fresh melon..

Im feeling…. Blue!

Seductive Gold. (All makeup used is by Ulta.)
Febuary 2014 Ipsy Bag Item #1: J.Cats Eyelashes + Glue, so im just gonna say that this was my first time wearing fake eyelashes. And I absolutely hated it. The glue was terrible i had to keep re applying it and i ended up messing up the eyelashes so i threw them out. So, 1 star in my book.
Omg you guys!!! Im so excited!!! I got my ipsy bag today, and the day before valentines day!!!! Woooo!!!
January 2014 Ipsy Bag Item #5: This product is the yaby natural finish liquid foundation in the shade buff, and it also says its oil free. This product can be found on their website, and i think its about $10-$15, somewhere around that price. But anyways onto the review, the product is an exact match to my skin, it doesn’t leave splotches or irritate my skin, and it actually makes my face softer. It covers up pretty well, and its also not oily, which i mentioned at the beginning its oil free. But overall I’d give it 5 stars in my book, well done ipsy.